The Canton of Hawkes Keye

HK Sable, on a bend between two hawks Or, a laurel wreath palewise sable Arms of The Barony of the Flaming Gryphon Arms of the Kingdom of the Midrealm
Position SCA Name Name Email Address Phone
Seneschal Aldis Sigurðardóttir Audrey O'Hara 513.398.8033 Email
Exchequer Guiallume De Vosges Jeff Pesula 513.737.1039 Email
Herald Maghnus of Red Hammer Shawn O'Hara 513.398.8033 Email
Chronicler Ivar Tordenskiold Rich Stuck 513.874.4243 Email
Chatelaine Loren Duillath Siemster Loren Kuhlmann 513.737.1039 Email
Web Minister Martym De Lagos James R. Smith 513.889.9009 Email
Arts & Sciences Minister Belle Jolie Laura Pesula 513.737.1039 Email
Chamberlain Anastasia Tremayne Lisa Neumeister 513.325.8034 Email